What items are acceptable at the park?

Athletes and spectators are allowed to bring the following items (but not limited to) into the park:

Tents - chairs - gym bags - food and refreshments - dogs are not permitted :(

Anything that is not listed, please email with further questions.

How do I get there?

Using Google Maps or Apple Maps:

1601 Beach St, Muskegon, MI 49441
(This may show up as 'The Deck' in the maps app)
The event takes place at Pere Marquette Park directly next to 'The Deck'

What amenities are available nearby/at the park?

A kids park and snack/ice cream shop are within a few hundred meters

We will be providing portable restrooms but public bathrooms are a short walk away

We also provide 3 private cabanas so that athletes can make wardrobe changes throughout the day

Do Spectators have to pay?

Nope!  Invite your gym friends, coach, mom, neighbor or anyone else who might enjoy a day at the beach and an athletic spectacle to go along.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We will have an alternate location (indoors) with alternate workouts prepared in case of a weather emergency

The event will take place at the beach even if rain is in the forecast

High Winds/Thunderstorms would be reason to change venues.

All Competitors would be notified prior via email and all of our social accounts would be updated with the news.


How and when does registration take place?

Registration will take place from 7:30-8:30AM on the day of competition (subject to change)

To make registration a breeze and avoid long lines we ask that athletes complete the following:

Make sure that ALL 3 teammates have completed the online waiver (This is Huge!) prior to game day

Register as a team (together)

After receiving your team swag bag you will be ushered to our selfie wall where a team photo will be taken

(if you want this to turn out fantastic make sure your hair is done and the sleep is rubbed out of your eyes)

*The backdrop wall will be available rest of the day for your own selfies

Get the leaderboard app!

Download the Conquest Events App

Within the app you will see the updated leaderboard, heat assignments and more

Score Dispute

Our volunteers do their best to accurately write down and input scores correctly.  We are all humans though and accidents do occur.  If something is fishy on the leaderboard and you would like us to double check your score sheet please do not hesitate to ask.  Any event or dispute questions will be handled at the HQ Tent (signs will mark the tent)

Other Questions:

Where to stay?

Making a weekend out of Fresh Coast Games is a great idea!  We recommend checking out airbnb to see what sort of gems you can find on or close to the many lakes here in Muskegon.  Another option would be checking into a hotel.  We recommend choosing a hotel that is not near downtown Muskegon as our event usually falls on the same weekend as BIKE TIME which brings thousands of motorcycles into downtown.  Cool attraction to go see, not cool if you want to sleep though. 

Still have questions?

Please send any additional questions to

We will continue to update this FAQ page as more questions roll in