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New for 2024: Fresh Coast Online Qualifier (FCOQ)

Earn your spot at the beach by completing the Fresh Coast Online Qualifier (FCOQ). Instead of rushing to the website on registration day, participants can complete a series of workouts with friends for early registration via invitation. The top 10 teams in each division and at least one randomly selected team from each division will receive early access to register for our 2024 in person event.

Registration Link: 

*Completing the qualifier not required for our in-person event on July 13/14th.  This is just another avenue for a portion of the field to earn early access to registration.  Check out all the details below:

Event Calendar

  • Registration Opens: Friday, December 15, @ Noon

  • Qualifier Begins: Thursday, January 11, @ Noon (Deadline to sign up is January 22nd)

  • Qualifier Ends: January 22 @ 9 PM

  • Leaderboard Finalized: January 31st

  • Invitations Sent: February 2nd

  • Public Registration Opens: February 17th @ 8 AM

  • Fresh Coast Games 2024: July 13/14th

Qualifier Details

  • Workouts: 4 workouts over 11 days

  • Team Size: Register with 2 or 3 athletes

  • Scoring: Best 2 scores for each workout

  • Location: Teammates do not need to be in the same physical location to complete workouts

  • Communication: Workouts released on website, Instagram, and Facebook

  • Responsibilities: Team captain inputs scores/videos

  • Invitation: Qualifying team's captain is the sole recipient of the FCG 2024 invitation

  • We will be working with sponsors to provide prize packages for the FCOQ winners, stay tuned!

Qualifying Positions

  • Top 10 Placing Teams: Receive an invitation to early registration for the 2024 Fresh Coast Games and are placed in the final heat according to placement.

  • Random Selection: One non-qualifying team from each division will be randomly selected for early access to register for Fresh Coast Games 2024.  We reserve the ability to invite more random teams based on qualifier participation.  The more teams that register and complete the qualifier, the more teams we may extend invites to.  This should incentivize you to invite friends and share our qualifier far and wide. We appreciate it!

  • Any team is allowed to participate without video submission, however without video submission you will be unable to qualify for the in-person event.


  • RX Men: Clean 200+ | Snatch 150+ | C2B Pull-Ups, T2B, Muscle-Ups

  • RX Women: Clean 135+ | Snatch 100+ | C2B Pull-Ups, T2B, Muscle-Ups

  • INT Men: Clean 155+ | Snatch 115+ | Pull-Ups, T2B

  • INT Women: Clean 95+ | Snatch 75+ | Pull-Ups, T2B

  • Masters: RX or INT qualifier; no separate qualifier for Masters division.


Video Submission Standards:

  • Each workout score must be accompanied by a link to a YouTube video.

  • Videos must be posted publicly on YouTube

  • Video requirements include a visible timer, proper angles, and athlete introduction.

  • The video recording should be uninterrupted and the athlete must remain within the frame throughout the workout including any rest periods.

  • At the beginning of each workout the athlete must state their name and division as well as show the weight of the bar, plates or other implements as well as measurements of any specified equipment.

  • Teams with score changes will be contacted with an explanation.


  • Athletes must register and submit scores for all qualifying workouts on the Competition Corner Leaderboard.

  • Missing videos or scores after the January 22nd deadline are the team captain's responsibility.

  • Athletes must be 18 years or older to participate in the qualifier.

  • We are unable to offer any invites to teams with missing scores or videos after the deadline of Jan 22nd at 9PM. 

Equipment List

  • Barbell 20/15kg (45lb/35lb)

  • Dumbbells: RX: 50/35 INT: 40/25

  • Pull-Up Bar

  • Concept 2 Rower

  • Box 24/20”

  • Medicine Ball 20/14lb (14” Diameter - Standard Wall Ball Sizing)

  • Wall Ball Target: 10ft for men, 9ft for women

Pricing / Refund Policy

  • Qualifier: $30 Per Team

  • No refunds; all proceeds will go towards supporting our future events.

We are thrilled at the prospect of having you join us for this exciting qualification journey. Your past participation has contributed greatly to the success of our events, and we are excited to have you take part in the first ever Fresh Coast Online Qualifier.

Please visit to sign up and secure your spot in the FCOQ. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us.

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