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2022 WODS


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1600M RUN
                        FEED SACK RUN (30#)
1400M RUN

Each heat will start with all three teammates running across the timing mat and proceeding to the feed sack pickup spot.


Each athlete will collect their feed sack and continue down the beach until they reach the feed sack turnaround pylon, at which point they will head back towards the arena.


After athletes drop off the feed sack at the designated drop off spot, they will proceed towards the water. Athletes will run/swim out around the right side of the first white buoy, where they will then take a left and swim parallel with the shore.


Once they reach the final white buoy, they will continue around the right side of that buoy, turn left and swim/run to shore.


Once out of the water, athletes will run the same path that they used for the feed sack run. Athletes will run past the feed sack turnaround pylon until they reach the runner turnaround pylon where they will turn back towards the arena.


Athletes will sprint to the finish and cross the finish line mat to complete the workout. A teams score is the total time of all three athletes.


Teammates are not expected to run together as the score is your separate times combined.


Example: A1:27:05 + A2:29:15 + A3:31:30 = 87:50 TOTAL


(IN 8 MIN)
1 S2OH

The CJ Parker Complex begins with an empty barbell on the platform.

All three athletes take turns building up to a max load of the barbell complex.

The complex begins with a Clean from the ground. Athletes may perform a squat or power version of the clean and must show control at the top of the lift before lowering the bar for the next movement.

The Hang Clean must be performed from the knee or above (High Hang is permitted) and may be performed as a squat or power version of the lift. After showing full control and a fully stood-up position, athletes may proceed to the next movement.

The Front Squat must be performed to full depth with the hip crease below the knees before standing the weight up to a locked-out position before proceeding to the next movement.

The final movement is Shoulder To Overhead which may be completed as a Strict Press, Push Press or Jerk. The lift is complete when the athlete fully standing with the barbell locked out overhead and showing full control with feet back under the hips. 


*Athletes must declare weight on the bar and confirm with the judge before adjusting weight for the next lift/athlete.

*Athletes may increase or decrease weight on the bar as they wish.

*Athletes must complete the lift entirely on the platform, no stepping off of the platform, and the bar must be returned to the platform. Wait for your judge to give you a hand signal or a verbal ‘DOWN’ or ‘GOOD’ call before lowering the bar.

*An athlete may finish the complex as long as they have lifted the bar off the ground prior to time reaching 0:00.

*Athletes are expected to keep a tidy platform to ensure the safety of fellow athletes and judges. A broom will be provided at each platform.

*Athletes are not permitted to use lifting straps of any kind or grips during the complex.

*It is important that the team captain checks the score sheet and signs off on totals from workout 2 prior to starting workout 3.


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10 MIN AMRAP Performed Relay Style:

10 Box Jump Over 24/20

8 T2B

6 Hang Clusters 115/85 INT 95/65

*One athlete is accumulating calories on the rower for the entirety of the AMRAP.


**This workout begins exactly 2 minutes after the completion of WOD 2.  Athletes will be in charge of loading the barbell in time for the start of this workout.

The workout begins with one athlete starting on the rower and the other two standing with hands in contact with their lane marker. When the clock starts athlete 1 is permitted to begin rowing, athlete 2 is allowed to make their way to the box to begin the first round while athlete 3 stays at the lane marker.


Athlete 2 begins their leg of the relay with 10 Box Jump Overs which can be completed facing or lateral. Two feet must make contact at the top of the box but athletes do not need to stand up completely.


The next movement is the Toes 2 Bar (T2B). Athletes are permitted to use the provided rig steps to reach the bar but must start from a completely hanging position. T2B standards include both feet touching the pull-up bar simultaneously and between the athletes hands. The athlete must pass through a fully extended hang position at the bottom of each rep.


The final movement of the relay is a Hang Cluster. Athletes begin by deadlifting the bar to full extension, then performing some sort of hinge to complete a hang clean. The hang clean can be performed directly into the squat or may be performed as a power clean followed by a squat. As the athlete stands up out of the squat they will press the bar overhead to complete a Thruster. Jerks are not permitted to complete the Thruster rep.  


Once athlete 2 completes a full round of the relay they run to their lane maker and touch it which releases athlete 3 to start their round. Athletes may swap in and out of the rower as you wish and no minimum requirement of rowing or rounds are in place.

*Intermediate movement Standards:

The intermediate division is allowed to tag in and out as they wish to complete rounds of the amrap but the non working athlete must stay at the lane marker and be tagged in by their teammate in order to switch. 


EX: athlete one could perform the Box Jump Overs and T2B and then opt to tag in their partner to complete the Hang Clusters. 

Box Step-Up & Overs are permitted in place of box jump overs.  Athletes must stand up to full extension at the top of each box step-up with both feet in contact with the top of the box before stepping over to the opposite side.  


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15/10 Ring Muscle-Ups

30 Worm C&J 210/170

15/10 Ring Muscle-Ups

40 Synchro Lateral Burpee Over Worm

15/10 Ring Muscle-Ups

50ft Worm Lunge


30 Pull-Up

20 Worm C&J 210/170

30 Pull-Up

30 Synchro Burpee Over Worm

30 Pull-Up

40ft Worm Lunge


The workout begins with all three athletes standing at the end of their lane together. Athletes proceed together to the rig where they take turns completing the RMU/Pull-Ups, switching as they wish. Ring Muscle-Ups are to be performed to CF Open standards showing control at the top of each dip out, push away dips or fall away dips will be deemed no reps.


Intermediate division Pull-ups will be kipping or strict chin over bar pull-ups that start with the athlete in a fully extended hanging position and athletes may grip however they wish.


The worm will be placed just a few steps from the rig in each teams lane where they will work together to complete Worm Clean & Jerks. Worm Clean & Jerks require each rep to start with worm on or touching the ground, cleaned to each athletes shoulder and then passed over the head. Full extension at the top of the 'Jerk' or 'Press' does not need to be met, the worm just needs to pass over the athletes head with minimal ducking under. Any odd movements here will be counted good or bad at the discretion of the judge.


Once all C&J reps are completed another set of RMU/Pull-Ups awaits them. Teams then perform Synchro Lateral Burpee Over Worms. Teams are instructed to perform these with two athletes on one side of the worm facing each other (so sand isn't kicked in teammates face) and the third athlete on the opposite side of the worm.


Burpees start with all three athletes sprawling to the ground so that hips and chest touch the ground. Athletes then jump or step their feet back to their hands and then have the option of jumping or stepping over the worm. Athletes MUST pass over the worm when completing the jump/step-over.


After the third and final set of RMU/Pull-Ups teams move back to the worm in order to complete a final march of 50ft Worm Lunges. Each lunge rep must be completed in sync and all three athletes must show control and full extension at the top before starting the next rep.


The lunges are complete when ALL 3 athletes cross the finish line and show control at the top of the final lunge rep. The workout ends when any of the athletes touch the provided lane marker. 

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